Why You Should Stop Taking Medication For Anxiety Related Problems

You might think that its okay to take anxiety medications because its prescribed by a doctor and that makes it suddenly okay. Well to be honest you could not possible be more wrong. In fact I can actually name off five very real reasons why you should either not start taking or discontinue the use of anti anxiety medications. Also known as (benzodiazepines) or xanax, valium, ativan ect. 

Reason Number One 

If you did not know this already well you are about to find out about it right now. Benzodiazepines are one of the only substances in the WORLD that can actually kill you from withdrawals by its self. Yes you heard what I said, it can KILL you if you stop taking this medicine cold turkey. The only other substance in the world that can actually kill you from this is alcohol. That is kind of disgusting isnt it?

Reason Number Two 

Anxiety medication and alcohol have the same properties as each other. When you take both of these substances they both work on the same chemical and part of your brain. They both deplete seratonin and can make you have some pretty serious problems. Have you ever wondered why you would take your xanax and the next morning wake up wondering how you got there? That is because just like alcohol it effects your memory as well. 

Reason Number Three

Benzodiazepines can cause severe depression because it is labeled as a depressant. If you do not know what a depressant is then you should look it up. If you are trying to rid yourself of anxiety this is not the correct way to do so. If you want to avoid depression then I would suggest not doing it.

Reason Number Four 

Its incredibly expensive to continue the use of anxiety medications. Yes I know this is not a health related reason but it sucks to have to pay for something that is supposed to make you feel "better". Do not buy in to the corperate bullcrap and stop buying these drugs.  Anti anxiety medication is one of the most expensive medications known to this date.

Reason Number Five 

You will eventually grow a massive tolerance to this drug and the effect will wear off and leave you stuck. If you didnt read my first reason go read it now. Quitting benzodiazepines cold turkey can cause severe seizures and kll you. When you end up taking too much of this drug you eventually grow a massive tolerance and eventually have to take more to get the same effect as before. Then you end up running out early and then you have to stop taking them cold turkey and then you know what happens next